What our clients say

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Paul understood my needs and goals and explained everything in a way I could understand.

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Paul explained our options very clearly and we have been very pleased with the outcome.

We feel we have received the best possible advice in a friendly and relaxed environment.

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I am very happy with the advice & professional guidance that I have received from Paul. The plans that we have put in place will result in more financial security for my family. I am extremely happy about this.

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Paul understood my needs and goals and explained everything in a way I understood. Most importantly Paul prevented me from worrying about what I should do with money in my deposit account.

I was happy with the recommendations and documents I received and feel the investments recommended are well suited to my needs.

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I needed to sort out various company pensions, investment for capital and early retirement plans due to redundancy.

Paul provided clear, professional advice in sorting out my various pensions, arranging my finances and investments.

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Paul was very active in finding out the best solution for me and setting up the right investment package. Paul has taken the time to meet with me on a one to one basis and to explain the investments to me so that I can understand how the investments will work for me. I have every confidence that Paul will continue to provide the level of service, that is currently been provided by his company, on my behalf.

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In consultation, Paul helped to rationalise our investments and retirement plans. This was done taking into account our preferences in terms of risk-taking and exploring different possible options and cost /benefit analyses.

We now have a much clearer understanding of our projected financial situation in retirement, and the process helped to clarify what our priorities are.

Mr & MRS B
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We had money invested that wasn't making any growth and we needed advice on what to do with it to maximise potential. Paul understood our needs and looked at the future and how we were to live our lives after retirement. Helped us maximise our financial growth. Gave us ways to do this that we hadn't even thought of. Paul gave us peace of mind that financially we would be ok, would be able to go on holidays and buy 'that special' car. Paul took time out to go through everything and explain carefully what would be the best routes.

If we were uncertain of anything in the documentation, Paul and his team are always on hand to explain everything - very patiently. We feel secure and comfortable with how our money is working for us. Paul selected the best possible options for us that after one year have proved successful. We are happy with how our pensions have been re-invested. Something we had no idea was possible. We are in a better position now to help our children with deposits for their own properties.

I cannot think of anything that Paul and his team could have done better for us. To get someone who will go out of their way to help us on other issues and advise and not clock watch when he is with us, makes us feel very comfortable. His financial knowledge is sound and advice very good.

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I was worried about my financial position as my husband had always dealt with our finances. Paul put everything in order and explained everything clearly to me. This gave me peace of mind. His help has been invaluable.