Review of Your Existing Pensions and Investments

Most people do not have the time to review their existing pensions and investments plans regularly enough to determine if they are still the right plans for their futures.

We will review your existing pensions and investments and if your existing plans are great, we will tell you. If they are poor, we will explain the reasons why and what can be done to make them great.

Review of Your Existing
Pensions and Investments Service

Most people simply do not have the time to regularly review their existing pensions and investments, many people have never had their pensions or investments reviewed to assess the current and potential future:

  • Performance
  • Risks
  • Charges


Our research has shown that, sadly, investors have a right to be frustrated and worried. Many plans under-perform because they just are not given the attention they deserve and continue to be invested in poor performing funds.

Simply put, if your pensions or investments fund is managed poorly, it is unlikely you will achieve the level of freedom and security you want in the future.

The Underperforming Pensions and Investments Trap

Our Pensions and Investments Performance Analysis will show you how your pensions and investments have performed and whether they are in the correct place for you. By working through the analysis, we’ll show you exactly what you can do to enhance the performance of your funds so that you can achieve your future goals.

We will tell you if:

  • You are wasting your money.
  • You will have enough money for retirement.
  • Your pensions and investments are risky or secure.
  • You can retire when you want to.

Past performance is not guaranteed. The value of investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount invested.